Ok, so yesterday I got an email that said the following:

FREE Commissions (This will make your day)...

It was sent to me by someone I trusted, and when I trust someone, I take a look at what they are sending out when I have a few extra minutes.

So, I took a look, and I was immediately struck with the outrageous income claims they were touting. I mean truly ridiculous....

Like making over $10k+ in a single day - without doing a thing!

I knew it had to be nothing but Hype and Lies...but nonetheless I actually sat through the entire video presentation, and clicked through the endless popups that came, one after the other, when I tried to close the page.

I almost bought the darn thing when it got down to $9, but then I thought about the huge waste of time it would be to even go through reading more about it. Sometimes I let curiosity get the best of me, but this time I refrained.

Shortly thereafter, two trusted marketing friends, Eric Holmlund and Pawel Reszka sent out a warning about this very program, and here are a few of their comments about it...

Just wanted to warn you about the next scam that launched recently. Check it out and do not buy into it. If you already bought it, get a refund!


The level of hyperbole on the sales page is ridiculous. If you click out of the page you get 5 redirects before you actually get out, and if you buy the product you get confronted with 7 up sells that you can't click out of until you watch the accompanying videos. After all this you get a squeeze page generator and an affiliate link to some hosting. That's going to make you six figures a month? Lol, Do Not Buy This! 


Yes, the video is cheesy, and if you do the "Stay on Page" dance long enough you can get this "system" for $1. But the BIG RED FLAG is that you will be giving your credit card number to Clicksure.

I've read posts all over the net from people who have been ripped off by Clicksure. So if you see an ad for anything that you have to purchase through Clicksure -- RUN THE OTHER WAY!


Ok, I will be back with more soon, so watch your email.

In the meantime, here's something worthy of your time:


To Your Success!
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