Stop Getting Ripped Off!

Sometimes I think I'm just too honest for my own good, but that sure is good for you!
You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize something I've really always known...


No matter what you're promoting online, without traffic, and LOTS of it, you are just not going to be successful. Even if you have the most beautiful website in the world. Even if you are offering the best product in the world.

Doesn't matter one bit. No Traffic = No Sales = No Money.

Below are some of my observations and recommendation that I sent out in an email to my subscribers. 

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I'm sure you've seen ads for Pennies4Profits. Well, in my opinion this is just another BOGUS traffic program.
 It's my opinion that this program is owned by the same people who brought us All Inclusive Ads, Twice Confirmed Traffic and Submissions Works. 
  There are just too many similarities to be a coincidence, so my recommendation is to STAY AWAY from it.

In fact, I feel like pulling my hair out when I see ads for these programs all over the safelists and traffic exchanges.

I know for a fact that I could make a lot of money by promoting some of these so-called traffic programs, but I just can't do it.

To see some Traffic Strategies that I love and get lots of traffic from, go to my Marketing Site:

I'll be back with more soon!

Cynthia Howard
Queen of No More Crap!

========================================= ...REALLY???

Ok, so yesterday I got an email that said the following:

FREE Commissions (This will make your day)...

It was sent to me by someone I trusted, and when I trust someone, I take a look at what they are sending out when I have a few extra minutes.

So, I took a look, and I was immediately struck with the outrageous income claims they were touting. I mean truly ridiculous....

Like making over $10k+ in a single day - without doing a thing!

I knew it had to be nothing but Hype and Lies...but nonetheless I actually sat through the entire video presentation, and clicked through the endless popups that came, one after the other, when I tried to close the page.

I almost bought the darn thing when it got down to $9, but then I thought about the huge waste of time it would be to even go through reading more about it. Sometimes I let curiosity get the best of me, but this time I refrained.

Shortly thereafter, two trusted marketing friends, Eric Holmlund and Pawel Reszka sent out a warning about this very program, and here are a few of their comments about it...

Just wanted to warn you about the next scam that launched recently. Check it out and do not buy into it. If you already bought it, get a refund!


The level of hyperbole on the sales page is ridiculous. If you click out of the page you get 5 redirects before you actually get out, and if you buy the product you get confronted with 7 up sells that you can't click out of until you watch the accompanying videos. After all this you get a squeeze page generator and an affiliate link to some hosting. That's going to make you six figures a month? Lol, Do Not Buy This! 


Yes, the video is cheesy, and if you do the "Stay on Page" dance long enough you can get this "system" for $1. But the BIG RED FLAG is that you will be giving your credit card number to Clicksure.

I've read posts all over the net from people who have been ripped off by Clicksure. So if you see an ad for anything that you have to purchase through Clicksure -- RUN THE OTHER WAY!


Ok, I will be back with more soon, so watch your email.

In the meantime, here's something worthy of your time:


To Your Success!
Cynthia Howard
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Wealth2Xtreme is Extremely Scary!!!

Have you seen the new program called wealth2xtreme?

I have gotten about 3 dozen invites, and every
time I go to the site to check it out, my
anti-virus software pops up and says it's
saving me from a harmful website!

It doesn't go into any detail, but says that
a file on the page will subject me to Malware.


Malware, short for malicious software, is software
designed to disrupt computer operation, gather
sensitive information, or gain unauthorized
access to computer.


Well, I don't need to know anymore than that
in order to know not to join it and further
try to promote it to others!

Although I did get quite a chuckle out of the
main headline on the page that goes something
like this:

Turn a one-time $5 into $20,475...

with only ONE referral no less...WOW WOW WOW!

Blah Blah

Why I canceled AllInclusiveAds

Reasons why I canceled AllInclusiveAds.

Reason #1. Not Enough Traffic.

Most days they delivered less than 20 hits to my sites. (NOTE: you are allowed to enter up to 10 urls, but I only used 6 of them because I knew it was going to be a bust and didn't feel like wasting my time.)

Reason #2. Declining Traffic.

Days one and two, I received between 70 - 80 hits to my main site. Thereafter, the number of hits my site received kept going down until it got to just 10 or less per day. Needless to say, I DID NOT get any results.

Reason #3. Non-Targeted Traffic

 I knew right away that it was non-targeted traffic, since there is no way to pick your categories within the member's area.

Reason #4. Once I got into the member's area, I realized that AIA is affiliated with Spin Success, which I knew was not a good service from years back when I tried it out.

Other things that annoy me about AIA: First I got annoyed because there was no easy way to cancel from within the member's area, so I had to submit a support ticket. This took me about 20 minutes because in the FAQ it was stated that you could cancel EASILY from within the member's area.

To my way of thinking, this should NOT require me to write a support ticket and then have to send another ticket after they ask me to please stay on with them.

Give Me a CANCEL BUTTON Please!

If you have to submit a support ticket, you cannot cancel at the last minute or even on the last day because they require 24 hrs notice, and when you join, you must use a credit card, so there is no way to cancel your monthly debit directly, as there is with PayPal.

Also, once I sent the support ticket, they immediately stopped sending traffic to my sites, even though I had a few days of service left on my account. They did this, even though, stated clearly in their Terms of Agreement, it states the following:

"If an account is canceled after 24 hours of the initial payment, the recurring billing will stop and the account will remain open for the remainder of the 30 day term. Accounts must be canceled 24 hours before the next billing date to avoid being charged for the next month."

So, there you have it, although I think I could go on and on about this Bogus Traffic Program. I just have better things to do, such as...

I'll be testing something new this week, and I will let you know soon what it is.


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I'm always testing new advertising sites to see if they're worthwhile, and will only send you those that I know are good.

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To Your Success!
Cynthia Howard

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Kash Kwik - No Thanks!

Oh Brother, not these again! I was hoping to never see another Straight-Line Matrix Program since they fizzled out a few short years ago.

Here's Why:

Straight-line Matrix Programs Flat Out Don't Work! It's as simple as that. Now, there are, no doubt, millions of people in the world who are not aware of that fact, but I know for a fact that there are many people (ie: heavy hitters, ponzi players, money-game players) promoting who ARE aware. Yet they go right on enticing people to join, knowing full well that anyone joining now will most likely NEVER see a dime.

Here's a short lesson on the life of a straight-line matrix:

First some heavy hitters get in with multiple positions. Then they start recruiting others with the promise of passive income.

This is very good for those who got in first, as they will be cycling and making boatloads of money. But, after a few weeks, things will slow down a bit. The heavy-hitters will stop promoting and will move on to the next big thing. Meanwhile, all those who joined late will be left behind.

It is inevitable, and those at the top, or those who have been around awhile know this to be true.

The math is impossible, and numbers don't lie. In fact, any matrix structure which claims to pay out more than it takes in is nothing more than a ponzi or a money game.

In fact, back a few years ago, there were many, similar programs online, and they are all gone now. One of those ran successfully for a couple of years before it finally died, leaving many people financially devastated. I won't mention any names here, but suffice to say that this other program did more damage, in more ways, than I care to even think about.

And I do try NOT to think about it whenever I get the chance!

So, any time I see a new program such as this, I don't even think about joining, and you shouldn't either, unless you play it like a game. Put in whatever you can afford to lose and take your profits back upon your first cycle. Then play with any additional winnings.

And, even MORE important, if you decide to promote it, make sure you tell your signups to play it the same way.

Data Network Affiliates - Are You Kidding Me?

Ok, it's been a long time since I have written a gripe on my blog, and my reasons are many and of no importance to anyone but me, but I have been receiving some requests for my viewpoint on this program, so I finally decided to fire up the keyboard for this little ditty.

Data Network Affiliates came on the scene about a month ago, and was all the rage for a couple of weeks. The surrounding hoopla appears to have calmed down a bit, but that's par for the course for all new programs.

The fact is that this thing has smelled fishy to me right from the beginning, and it isn't smelling any better with the passing of time.

You know, sometimes you just have to use your intuition on these things. You know, your ability to tell right from wrong.

In case you don't even know what Data Network Affiliates is all about, here's a little exerpt directly from the website:


Welcome To Data Network Affiliates
Our mission is to turn data into dollars.

The data collection business: did over $14 Billion in revenue last year; A 12 point record on an individual is worth up to $35.00 and a 7 point record on a business is worth up to $10.00; The Direct Marketing Association says companies spent $191 billion last year on direct- response advertising. The category that includes direct mail and telephone solicitations produced $1.7 trillion in revenue.

Automobile and Truck Tags: are just the tip of the iceberg and are only Phase One of the Data Network Affiliates simple plan of action... Phase Two will be even more profitable and just as simple to obtain…

The Department of Justice reported: 797,500 children (younger than 18) were reported missing in a one-year period of time studied resulting in an average of 2,185 children being reported missing each day; 203,900 children were victims of family abductions; 58,200 children were victims of non- family abductions. ONLY 492 children since 1997, has the AMBER Alert program been credited for the safe recovery. DNA could help in such safe recoveries. If DNA helped save ONE MORE CHILD it’s worth it?


Sounds really important, doesn't it?

Well, it's nothing but hogwash, smoke and mirrors and the Dreaded CRAP, which I hate more than anything!

What this is REALLY about is just the collecting of license plate numbers from Walmart parking lots, and making money doing it!

First of all, I could not imagine sitting in a parking lot, writing down other peoples' license plate numbers, because it just seems inherently WRONG and invasive of other peoples' privacy...period. That's just not for you and I to do. It's for law enforcement officers.

I mean, how would you feel if you walked out of Walmart and caught someone standing behind your car, writing down your plate number? Would you feel violated? Angry? I bet you sure would. And you would most certainly know it was just plain WRONG that someone was invading your privacy like that!

And if you were the one doing the date collecting, what would you say to that person? You would have to make up some corny story just to keep them from calling the cops on you or punching you right in the face!

But, I digress...

Upon using your brain, you will realize what a bunch of BS this really is, because do you really think that Law Enforcement Agencies are going to pay billions of dollars to some rinky dink MLM Data Collection Company????


Push Button Extreme HYPE!

Well well, yet another "Too Good To Be True" Program Launch!

I'm not surprised. Over the coming months, there will be
MANY more of them. But this one "Takes the Cake."

HELLO? Anybody home?

Has anyone done the MATH on this one?

I haven't seen this many email promotions since - oh since
last week, when it was Webprosperity.

Actually, to be fair, I have seen even MORE ads about this
Latest Greatest Program.


It does get tiring, doesn't it?

But really, this one is just preposterous.

Take it from me. The ONLY people who will make any real money
with Push Button Extreme are the heavy promoters (no shortage
of those), and those who got in at the very second it launched!

Sorry to have to break the news, but even IF you joined on
Day One, you will make little to nothing.

You would have to be at the very top of this program to get
any real benefit out of it.

And, Guess What?

You will NEVER be at the top of any of these types of launches.

Please understand, those who got in early...and I mean DAYS before
we ever heard of it, took multiple positions, and then they invited
all of their personal friends and family.

So, even if joined on Day ONE, you will NOT be anywhere close
to the top, and you will NOT make anything substantial as a
passive member.

Now, if you choose to promote the program, you can make some
VERY nice commissions, but you will have to do so knowing that
the program is aimed at people who want to earn PASSIVE INCOME.

I actually joined the dumb thing so that I could review it,
but I will NOT be promoting it to anyone...EVER.

Just my two cent Gripe.

Till next time.

P.S. The products look ok, but they are certainly not worth
the monthly fee.

Again...just MY opinion.

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You know, I just have to laugh.

I think I have gotten at least 100 emails this month
about a new program called WebProsperity.

OMG...they make you think it's a life or death

You MUST join ASAP, so you can get tons of Spillover!

Guess what?

There is no such thing as spillover, unless you are
on the first level of a very heavy hitter, and even
then, you will not get much spillover.

Think about it.

It's a 2x matrix. So, even if you are in the first
level of someone's downline, your upline will have
to fill in at least 4 positions for you to even
get ONE person in your downline.

And, even if they fill the next level of 8 positions,
you will still only have 2 people in your downline.


And, for what?

What kind of m.oney is that going to make you???

I hate to break it to you, but you will NEVER get
enough commission to even pay your monthly fee, unless
you go out and recruit for yourself.

My point?

NEVER join a program because of the hype being promoted
for Spillover. I just doesn't exist.

I know.

I have done those types of programs many times.

I have joined them and then promoted to my contacts
that they should join right away so they could get
tons of spillover.

Guess what?

I brought in over 100 people myself, and yet my
downline didn't ever make a cent!

So, my message to you is this:

DO NOT bother to join the latest, greatest program
for the spillover, because it will not be enough
to even pay for your monthly fee.

ONLY join if you are going to actually use the products,
and ONLY hope to make any m.oney IF you do the recruiting

MORAL of the Story?

Never rush to join any program.

There is no need to rush.

If the program is any good, you will be able to join it
a year from now. If it's that good, it will still be around
at that time.

And realize that you most likely won't make anything
unless YOU are an active recruiter.

Read my Blog Post about Spillover here right on this
blog. Just click over to the right (2006).

In the case of this latest, greatest program...Webprosperity,
the products don't even interest me, even though a lot of
very active marketers have emailed me about it.

I already use Aweber, which is the very best autoresponder
on the net. As for the rest of the program tools, I have
no need for any of them.

To be honest, I just don't even understand WHY I am getting
so many email about this program. It just doesn't do anything
for me.

In fact, most of those who are promoting this program are doing
so just for the commission they will make off of you. They
will probably never even use the products.

Just understand, that you most likely will make NO in.come
and you probably will not get any substantial spillover either,
unless you are the first level of a very heavy hitter.

And, here's another little tidbit.

If you are going to join under a so-called heavy hitter,
he/she most likely has already invited his/her best
friends into the program. Either that, or they have
taken out multiple positions.

In other words, you will NEVER EVER be on the first level
of a heavy hitter, which means that you will most likely
NEVER get any spillover whatsoever.

There, got that off my chest. PHEW, I feel much better.

I guess you can tell that I don't think much of matrix

Been there, done the t-shirt.

End of Story.

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