I should know better! I DO know better.

So then, why on earth did I ever join ProWealthSolutions???

Ok, first it was just plain curiosity that got me. When I got a ton of "URGENT" emails, all in one day, from many different heavy hitters, I knew this would be a HUGE program in terms of the number of lemmings (er, I mean people) joining. So, I signed up to take a FREE tour just to see what all the fuss was about.

Well, as soon as I saw the Powerline Structure and the usual hype which accompanies these types of programs, I went back to my usual business of making money online...NEVER to return to that website, or so I thought.

Then came the first of those ever-so-exciting emails from the company, with the following subject line: "Cynthia, You have money coming - Chris just Upgraded".

Oh JOY, money coming! Well, I KNEW BETTER, so I just filed that email away and went about my business.

Then came another email, and I must have been bored at that particular moment, because I actually opened the email, and I was amazed to read:

"Congratulations Cynthia

As more and more people continue to recognize ProWealthSOLUTIONS as the most POWERFUL opportunity on the internet, Charles Doe (name changed for privacy), who was placed below you in your ProWealthSOLUTIONS Powerline, has just upgraded to FULL MEMBER.

That means, you are now qualified to earn a GUARANTEED CHECK just by locking in your position."

The email went on, telling me that I had hundreds of lemmings (er, I mean people) joining MY Powerline at a phenomenal rate, and that:

"Not only do you already have a guaranteed check coming in so long as you upgrade your position to full member before THURSDAY, but with ourhuge compensation program, you can also earn up to $1,092 per month without ever referring a single person.

Well, it sure sounded good, but still, I KNOW BETTER, so I pretty much disregarded this email and filed it away along with all the others I was receiving on a daily basis.

Then, I noticed that more and more BIG Marketers were joining and promoting this thing. Now, surely they can't be THAT naive, right?Surely they know better than to promote this sort of HYPE to their huge lists of trusting lemmings (er, um, I mean people). WHY are they stooping so low?

Hmmm (the sound of self-doubt creeping in)...maybe they know something I don't. Maybe I'm missing something here. Yeah, that must be it. I guess I better take a better look at this PWS thing. Yeah, next time I'm bored.

Well, I did end up having another moment of temporary boredom, and so I took a GOOD LONG LOOK at the "Fastest Growing, HOTTEST Program on the Entire EARTH! And you know what? I came away with the same feeling as before.

My exact feelings were that this is just the same, worn out hype that I am sick to death of, and that I could NEVER promote this even if I did decide to upgrade in it myself.

BUT...hmmmmmm (the sound of unrealistic thinking creeping in), since I could potentially make $1,092 per month WITHOUT having to promote it, I could upgrade and then just see what happens, right?

And hey, if the products are good enough, it won't be a total waste of money even if I don't get all of those lemmings (er, you know, people) into my matrix when the deadline to upgrade is finally here.

NO NO NO! I KNOW BETTER. I KNOW the matrix won't fill under me, and I won't get any spillover, and that the ONLY way to really make any money in a matrix is to recruit, and I could never promote this thing, and anyway, I HATE POWERLINES!

And so I went back to business as usual. Good for ME!

UNTIL the Final Countdown Day. That's the day when you have to Lock In your Position to get placed in the matrix before all those poor saps who don't know enough to Upgrade.

Well, I was still holding out UNTIL I received an email from my sponsor, a heavy-hitter who knew how to put just the right "spin" on his email to rope me in. I just have to say that as soon as I upgraded, I knew I had made a mistake. It just didn't feel right, and as I said before...I knew I would NEVER be able to promote this thing to anyone because it just didn't sit well with me. But, it was too late...the damage was done.

Now I had wasted $70 on the most ridiculous program going. But WAIT! Maybe the products are good! And just maybe I'll get some spillover in MY matrix!

HaHaHa! That's a good one!

When I logged into my account I found that there were NO products whatsoever, and I had a whopping 3 lemmings (um, people) below me in the matrix. So much for making $1,092 without referring a single person!

Folks, let this be a lesson. I know I will NEVER be taken in by a Powerline program again, and I hope you won't either.

The TRUTH is that the Powerline is just a marketing ploy made to make you THINK that you've got oodles of people in YOUR downline, when in all actuality you are lucky if ANY of them end up under you. And IF you make any money at all, it will likely be only a few dollars unless you were on the frontline to your sponsor, who must be a heavy hitter.

I've learned my lesson, and I'm done with anything resembling a Powerline.

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PamK said...

Cynthia, thank you for your blog. I was contacted this morning by someone I didn't know, that said a "friend" had pre-enrolled me in prowealthsolutions. I was not the least bit interested, as like you, had vowed to never join anything that had a powerline! But just to make sure I wasn't passing up the best opportunity to make money online, I did look at the website. They do make it sound very tempting. I was told I never had to recruit to make money. I've been there and done that! So my next stop was MMG, and that's where I found your :gripe report". Exactly what I thought, but your comments certainly helped me make up my mind. If nothing else, you have saved 1 person 70.00 and 35.00 a month. Thank You!

Traderj said...


Well I'm sorry to see you let the hype take over your common sense and you got roped. I was shocked reading about the people joining and upgrading and so forth and the company never released a single product, ummmm ok. This should be a huge red flag to people.. the point of any business that wants to stay in a business for a long time is to have a top quality profuct that is priced reasonably. This will have people coming back for more, but PWS is NOT meant to be long lasting it's meant to line the pockets of the owners and their friends, just like they did with ProBuilderPlus before they create the next greatest thing on the planet in six months from now...

For the record PWS is operating illegaling in the US, Canada and I'm sure a number of other countries.. paying commissions based soley on recruiting and not product sales is illegal.. seeing as they have no products you can't purchase them and you sure can't resell them. So they are in fact breaking the law.. but the sheep that sign up believing the dream of 1092 a month for doing nothing will soon grow weary and more on to the next pen soon enough.

Mark said...

That's well said, Cynthia!

It's the major reason why I suddenly discovered the ugly truth and cancelled my account without a second thought, almost. I hope many more will do teh same... but I'm more of sure they will in a little while. Just hope that thousands and thousands of pre-enrollees discover this that truth of misleading so they won't upgrade and waste their money.

Even the link some gave at MMG at:


It doesn't even tell its truth of their misleading with their headline saying "Learn How to Earn $1092 mo. Without Sponsoring", in that link statement, anyway. Shrugs!

Ben Glinsky should belong to the Internet business blacklist!

Lynn Ryulite ^_^ said...

i almost joined PWs.. until one of my friend stopped me from joining she told me to wait till she got paid before i joined and after that i did alil reading on MMG ... and what i read wasnt something that i like..and i wasnt comfy like you cynthia about the idea of a matrix without doing any work for that sum of money..
but since then.. i had joined DTM-CDT.. at least thats something more real and honest

Unknown said...

I wish I had read this before. I have wasted soooo much time and money on this program and others like it. I guess I am a slow learner. What bothers me is the fact the gurus endorse these with their mailings and make it sound as though they are going to build this huge downline for you. I am a little upset. No More!
Charlotte Davis

Unknown said...

I forgot to add this. ProWealth Soltions is created by the same people as Pro BuilderPlus . They are now coming out with a third site. People beware. The only ones making money here are the ones who conceived this idea and the gurus who are getting their referral fees.

Unknown said...

I saw your ad on WebBizInsider, and followed it to your Blog. Just want to say Thanks! I was in both companies for nothing. PWS & PBP. I'm feeling bad cause I was ignorant in believing in their BS. I'm in a few more that they promote too. :(

meadowview said...

Cynthia, I am with you on the powerlines..just never, ever got anywhere with that thinking. It is just a come on, with only the top people getting anything.

Do nothing, gets nothing..

For me, I have about decided I am a do nothing, and best to leave the go getters to the spoils! I wish you well, one and all..

Brad Kamanski said...

Ben Glinsky = SCAM


They never even paid me my $25.00 after I pulled out of My Scam Plus after I recruited one person.

Diane Cooke said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I have bookmarked it so that when I am feeling like giving in to temptation I can read it again. I keep getting e-mails about downline members and me receiving a cheque via 14 Day Wealth. Would that be the same sort of thing? Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog. In a way your website is similar to mine and I also evaluate online programs. We're on the same page. Too many people are looking for an instant result with little or now ork involved. I fonly they would "think" that a business takes time, money, energy, motivation, persistent, etc. and is no different from operating an offline business. I try to do the best I can to assist others but't is hard when they have very closed minds and never look at the "big pciture" of an offer.

Anonymous said...

Cynthia,Tahnk you for your warning on those scam programs. I did received many emails urging me to join it but I refused. For the past one and half years, I joined programs like DHS Club, Success University, Daily Easy Cash, Ultimate Wealth Package, Reality-Networkers, etc, I am still waiting to make a dime from them. I am very skeptical of those many online programs that I hesitate to join. I really like to join a genuine one to start my own online business that I can quit my fulltiome job.

Anonymous said...

I think I got bitten, just over a month ago I signed up and paid for a ProfitMatic subscription. Originally I had the impression that it was a web hosting service like Global Domain International. I ask ProfitMatic a few basic questions about their web host service, answer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage and and apache server. Fair enough. After looking through the site and thinking I am onto something I decided to try some scripts and this is where ProfitMatic turned into Problem-matic, I asked them do you support PHP and MySQL scripts, answer "We are not that type of hosting company, we only support HTML scripts" OK a bit of a bummer so got some trial scripts to put in my ProfitMatic (Problem-Matic) page builder, now where do I put my CGI-BIN file, ask the question as well as what do I get for my $45.00 per month subscription fee. Answer after 5 days of asking, "We are not this type of hosting account. May we suggest you look on Google for a free hosting account". Nothing about what my $45.00 per month does.
ProfitMatic (Problem-Matic) is one of those services that has a continuous Power-Line set up, you receive daily email saying that you have people under you and when you check you site stats you do, but to receive commissions you need to get you own subscribers (personal enrollees) who have paid into the system which are then labeled as shares, which you then get a percentage of the total calculated monthly pool, well I think that how it works, the system appears a bit confusing.
My conclusion about Problem-Matic ProfitMatic is they are a user pays advertising and promotion service with a splash page building option.
Its hard to say exactly what they are I would put my link here but they would ask you for $1.00 just to have a look.

I mentioned earlier in this piece about Global Domains International
their pay structure is a bit different, it is more old school plan and the line is sort of a binary matrix that goes 9 tier this company is $10.00 per month and for each person that you have to painstakingly get into the system you receive $1.00 in commission.
I have not made anything yet with them because I have no down-line.
They do have their own forum, I am beginning to think that any site or service with it own in-site blog or forum is leaning towards a more honest service as blog and forums tend to be more real time, where as testimonials can be faked.
GDI (Global Domains International) seem to be allot more featured than Problem-Matic there web hosting features are support for PHP and HTML scripts, use FTP to upload scripts created in FrontPage. Their downside 100Mb storage, no support for MySQL scripts. This company want to be great but I think it is starting to get a bit rundown and needs to seriously upgrade itself because for $10.00 per month with GoDaddy you can get 100Gb and all the whistle and bells, but unfortunately GoDaddy has no affiliate membership plan.
Finally I would be very wary of Mike Glaspie and Cody Moya,
they say they will promote your business but you end up with their affiliate site, then they say they will promote them for you, but they don't and the final crunch get a free CD for $67.00. How can $67.00 be free.
Shawn Casey Business In A Box (BS In A Box) $45.00 later then you have to sign up for a web hosting plan for $167.00, why can't I use my GDI web host. No Answer bye bye $45.00. Then he will want to sell you legal advice on internet law, you can get the same information for nothing from the government.

Paolo Orlando said...

Let me add to the list Reality-Networkers who scam me 25$ and i recruit for them 45 members and 4 of them upgraded!!Well i didnt even get the 40$ of the first level after 3 YEARS and they dont even answer my emails when i accused them.So guy's and gal's WARNING

Paolo Orlando said...

Guy's nothing is free on the Internet when they said you get a complete web site free they are selling you the overpriced hosting plan that they want and the site is a template of 100's exactly the same.Mike G and Cody Moya are famous to fraude people giving them for free but getting your credit card info.When you will try to cancel the account you will never find out how .This is also same story with refunds.Read always well what they means with ironclad guarantee because at the moment that you will request a refund you will find that you need the number of the receipt that they never gave you and the proof that you apply their thories and how a lot of passive and even active resistance .They are just a few who are serious around and stay away from renowed gurus why did they reveal to you how they make money?They will always give you a quatter or half of the story and buy this buy that.
It is better to study and then publish your own product or service after you know the market as in the off line businesses in every part of the world!Stop to look for magic formulas that it doent exists.

Tom said...

I appreciate your insights on programs (the good, the bad, and the ugly), and I enjoy your writing style.

Robsan40 said...

The reason these big Gurus have not come up with a fair pay plan is because they don't want to. It's not easy, but it can be done. I have be working on creating such a plan, and it has taken me years to perfect it. But if a nobody like me can come up with a fair & easy pay plan, why can't the big geniuses?
My plan has no levels, no matrix, 1 up, 2 up, unilevel, binary, powerline or any of that other junk that sounds fantastic, but has been proven to be flawed over and over again. The only solution I could find is to invent a comp plan from scratch.
Now I just hope I can get this thing launched. I know it will be a challenge, since I am not a big shot in the industry. But I will certainly give it my all. Just remember the name "Downline Farm", because when this thing launches it will change everything.