's Life or Death

You know, I just have to laugh.

I think I have gotten at least 100 emails this month
about a new program called WebProsperity.

OMG...they make you think it's a life or death

You MUST join ASAP, so you can get tons of Spillover!

Guess what?

There is no such thing as spillover, unless you are
on the first level of a very heavy hitter, and even
then, you will not get much spillover.

Think about it.

It's a 2x matrix. So, even if you are in the first
level of someone's downline, your upline will have
to fill in at least 4 positions for you to even
get ONE person in your downline.

And, even if they fill the next level of 8 positions,
you will still only have 2 people in your downline.


And, for what?

What kind of m.oney is that going to make you???

I hate to break it to you, but you will NEVER get
enough commission to even pay your monthly fee, unless
you go out and recruit for yourself.

My point?

NEVER join a program because of the hype being promoted
for Spillover. I just doesn't exist.

I know.

I have done those types of programs many times.

I have joined them and then promoted to my contacts
that they should join right away so they could get
tons of spillover.

Guess what?

I brought in over 100 people myself, and yet my
downline didn't ever make a cent!

So, my message to you is this:

DO NOT bother to join the latest, greatest program
for the spillover, because it will not be enough
to even pay for your monthly fee.

ONLY join if you are going to actually use the products,
and ONLY hope to make any m.oney IF you do the recruiting

MORAL of the Story?

Never rush to join any program.

There is no need to rush.

If the program is any good, you will be able to join it
a year from now. If it's that good, it will still be around
at that time.

And realize that you most likely won't make anything
unless YOU are an active recruiter.

Read my Blog Post about Spillover here right on this
blog. Just click over to the right (2006).

In the case of this latest, greatest program...Webprosperity,
the products don't even interest me, even though a lot of
very active marketers have emailed me about it.

I already use Aweber, which is the very best autoresponder
on the net. As for the rest of the program tools, I have
no need for any of them.

To be honest, I just don't even understand WHY I am getting
so many email about this program. It just doesn't do anything
for me.

In fact, most of those who are promoting this program are doing
so just for the commission they will make off of you. They
will probably never even use the products.

Just understand, that you most likely will make NO in.come
and you probably will not get any substantial spillover either,
unless you are the first level of a very heavy hitter.

And, here's another little tidbit.

If you are going to join under a so-called heavy hitter,
he/she most likely has already invited his/her best
friends into the program. Either that, or they have
taken out multiple positions.

In other words, you will NEVER EVER be on the first level
of a heavy hitter, which means that you will most likely
NEVER get any spillover whatsoever.

There, got that off my chest. PHEW, I feel much better.

I guess you can tell that I don't think much of matrix

Been there, done the t-shirt.

End of Story.

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Anonymous said...

"WOW" might give this program a chance before badmouthing it. So you paid $104 just to critiqe it? That was expensive. I joined on Jan22, have cycled and have referrals and have receive the companies profit sharing income plus the fast-start bonus on all referrals.

You may be right in your assessment we'll just have to wait and see, I guess.


Cynthia said...

Hi Dan,

I don't need to wait. I know how these things work. I have already canceled and am now waiting for my refund.

Ivan said...

Cynthia,I really do salute you for your honest evealuation of those get rich "quick" deals,I DO agree with you with almost all of the reviews you did in the past,and espeacially latest about gifting program,,I beleive you are right with this 100%.The only reason I beleive SEC or other government agencies are too busy with big "fish" con artist to get to gifting guys,but sooner or later I am sure they will get to this,and when they do I surely would not want to be on receiving end.I have lost my share of hard earned money trying all kind of online deals that were nothing but ilegal scams,so I do trust you as you are speaking from years of personal experinces,you promote only stuff you did test and put your money in,and if it works only then you recommend it to your subscriberes/readers,doing this I beleive you are saving many people a lot money,I beleive you are doing great service,to your readers by exposing scam artist out there.