Push Button Extreme HYPE!

Well well, yet another "Too Good To Be True" Program Launch!

I'm not surprised. Over the coming months, there will be
MANY more of them. But this one "Takes the Cake."

HELLO? Anybody home?

Has anyone done the MATH on this one?

I haven't seen this many email promotions since - oh since
last week, when it was Webprosperity.

Actually, to be fair, I have seen even MORE ads about this
Latest Greatest Program.


It does get tiring, doesn't it?

But really, this one is just preposterous.

Take it from me. The ONLY people who will make any real money
with Push Button Extreme are the heavy promoters (no shortage
of those), and those who got in at the very second it launched!

Sorry to have to break the news, but even IF you joined on
Day One, you will make little to nothing.

You would have to be at the very top of this program to get
any real benefit out of it.

And, Guess What?

You will NEVER be at the top of any of these types of launches.

Please understand, those who got in early...and I mean DAYS before
we ever heard of it, took multiple positions, and then they invited
all of their personal friends and family.

So, even if joined on Day ONE, you will NOT be anywhere close
to the top, and you will NOT make anything substantial as a
passive member.

Now, if you choose to promote the program, you can make some
VERY nice commissions, but you will have to do so knowing that
the program is aimed at people who want to earn PASSIVE INCOME.

I actually joined the dumb thing so that I could review it,
but I will NOT be promoting it to anyone...EVER.

Just my two cent Gripe.

Till next time.

P.S. The products look ok, but they are certainly not worth
the monthly fee.

Again...just MY opinion.

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Delbert said...

Cynthia, thanks for telling it like it is, if in fact you are right, which I'm assuming you are. I had everything in place to put in my credit card number and join but I have learned that it pays to do a google search and investigate every online business before I join. Looks like it probably paid off again. Please feel free to comment or give me anymore info. Thanks, De

Michael B. Dycus, Ph.D said...

Look back over the last 2-3 years.
How many programs did we see that were "on fire" for a month or so, then one never heard about them again?
Looks like this is a pattern that many seem to be following.
Reason? Opportunity websites now cater to the emotional thinking versus the logical thinking.
Do the math---which in that you are exactly right---if the math doesn't look right, then the opp isn't right.

Rob Smith said...

Cynthia, you are right to warn people of these over hyped "opportunities". I heard that this one was put together by the Lawn Chair Millionaire crowd with a similar pay plan. Lots of advertising pull but difficult/impossible for the average joe to make anything like they promise.

Amalgamated said...

Cyntia, thank for the information, I signed up to this group to find out what it was about and really got not much information on how it was supposed to work.

If you want a gripe then my one is how this entire industry is working and how outdated the recruitment system is.

I am going to post here a post I have been trying to post in the GDI forum but with no luck. Yes I am a member of GDI so it will have references to them, the URL LINKS are only there as an EXAMPLE.

It is the outdated recruitment system which also makes me reluctant to join the Secret program.

The post is as follows:

It does not matter what system we put in place here, the real issue is with the GDI system which is outdated, which I will get to that in a moment. I find the hardest part is convincing people why they should join GDI in the first place. Some, may argue that you can get domains at $8.95 a year and hosting for $3.95 a month . But do not forget that you are not provided with a residual income building opportunity that pays you every month.

In doing a Google search I have only found one article that claims GDI is a scam, however from what the person was trying to describe, it seems that this person was duped by a fake site.

Anyway getting back to why the GDI system is outdated is simply because Global Domains International are built on the same business model of network marketing as Amway, Nu Skin and all of the other multi-level companies out there, the only difference being is that GDI is that it is cheaper and easier to start with, as the system is on automation over the internet.
Unfortunately the apparent problem with this system we all have to compete with each other in trying to promote our individual affiliate team memberships of the same site through the same advertising medias and as a consequence driving up prices of advertising spaces, the other consequence is 95% failure rate, which leads to drops in membership retentions because they find it difficult to build down-lines or have none.

So far there are only two affiliate marketing companies outside of GDI, that I have seen use a more promising method.
The first is [url]www.freestoreclub.com[/url] and the second is [url]www.uselfishwealth.com[/url], there is a third which is in pre-launch phase [url]www.webprosperity.com[/url] but they remain to be seen on how their system is modeled.
What makes these companies different from the mainstream is that their system automatically puts members no mater where they are invited from, into your down line until the first level or matrix is filled. With these sites you are given two urls one is for the main site and the other is your website or back office. The only drawback is that down-lines are slower to build but they have a high retention rate.
Unfortunately even though these companies have a better more up to date network marketing business model, they lack in content with the exception of freestoreclub which is drop shipping and your own personal online store (which you can do with a GDI web-hosting plan), it is about the same cost to set up as GDI.

I believe that GDI can really make a big impression on internet marketing if it wants too, simply by changing its network marketing business model. The products and services that GDI offer are far more superior than and exceptional value for money than a rival site the offers a 7 day trial for 99 cents and $35 per month membership (not naming names here) and you cant even upload a PHP script, as they are just HTML only.

So with the resources that GDI have already got in place, here is how GDI can improve it membership and sign up rate.

First of all ditch the old business model and go for the auto placement of subscribers:
We all get one URL to promote for example www.freedom.ws which we then promote in as many advertising places as possible.

1. The new system would then automatically place the new subscribers under those who do not have any in their down-lines it can either be between 1 to 5 new subscribers once this is done the system places the same amount under those subscribers and so on until the matrix is built, it then moves onto the next matrix build or team.

2. Team build option, with this option you do get an affiliate URL for example www.mysite.ws/loves/freedom which is a short cut for a rapid matrix build and give you the fast track bonus, this works the same way by automatically placing the new subscribers under those who do not have any in their down-lines it can either be between 1 to 5 new subscribers once this is done the system places the same amount under those subscribers and so on until the matrix is built then starting back to your first level and starting the process over again.

3. The usual back office link www.freedom.ws/username.

You may say that this system is open to free loaders but they would have to pay their monthly fees for a few months until the system builds their down-line to a self paying level given option 2 as well as seeing a down-line form should give enough incentive to promote GDI through what ever means even word of mouth (AKA Bush Telegraph).

I feel if GDI adopted a system I had mentioned would not only breath new life into GDI, it would also put GDI in a number one position (Since this is what GDI brags it wants to do) and most importantly yield a high subscriber retention rate which would be of benefit to us all.

GDI is a good system and I would recommend it to anyone who would want to start out with internet market, to some the present system my run like a Ferrari, but to others it is a Ferrari with four flat tires and no spare.

I would like feed back on this so I will give an email address here,
which is:


Just use my identity name so as I can know what the email is about.

419 Scam letters although annoying are good for a laugh. Who ever writes these things are such pathetic losers.

Wayne Batten said...

I can't agree with you more. All the spillover,no sponsoring is fairly useless.
I did signup in Pushbutton,I was #2040 something,and I signed up within the first hour.
then I received offers from the guru's an noticed their #'s were down in the single digits.True to form they were allowed first entry before the rest of the world even saw the first ad. i received one entry with #8. Imagine that.

Amalgamated said...

I thought as much with the "push button hype". But at the same time there needs to be big changes to the way these things work, like what I had mentioned in my previous comment. It is their website they should promote it. However if we the subscriber want to promote them, then of course we should get extra commissions, if we the subscriber should just "fence sit" then rightfully so that we only get a small percent of the commission pool.
One example of this, was one site I joined. Gorilla Millions, I paid $20 to join even though they said I was going to be billed monthly it seems that they only billed me once but I am still an active member and after 9 months of "fence sitting" I have made a whopping $17.95 (that's right seventeen dollars and ninety five cents)in commission pools, whoo hoo I am rich.

Anyway I want to put these guys to the test and see if they are what they say they can do. So if anyone want to give it a try here is my affiliate link:

I will keep you posted either here or within GM as to what happens.

YWYT said...

about GDI could anyone say of its potential truth of generating good income. i had joined the program 3 month back and promoting it but failed to have any signup.

adsaz said...

The truth is all people who are going to be online marketing must learning and have knowledge so you not easy to be cheated. All expert cannot making big income
from expert list, only newbies and the hungry people who wanting making instant income will buy and buy the products make money. At the end they feeling they are
cheated by expert.

Anonymous said...

I really like the fresh perpective you did on the issue. Really was not expecting that when I started off studying. Your concepts were easy to understand that I wondered why I never looked at it before. Glad to know that there's an individual out there that definitely understands what he's discussing. Great job