Kash Kwik - No Thanks!

Oh Brother, not these again! I was hoping to never see another Straight-Line Matrix Program since they fizzled out a few short years ago.

Here's Why:

Straight-line Matrix Programs Flat Out Don't Work! It's as simple as that. Now, there are, no doubt, millions of people in the world who are not aware of that fact, but I know for a fact that there are many people (ie: heavy hitters, ponzi players, money-game players) promoting who ARE aware. Yet they go right on enticing people to join, knowing full well that anyone joining now will most likely NEVER see a dime.

Here's a short lesson on the life of a straight-line matrix:

First some heavy hitters get in with multiple positions. Then they start recruiting others with the promise of passive income.

This is very good for those who got in first, as they will be cycling and making boatloads of money. But, after a few weeks, things will slow down a bit. The heavy-hitters will stop promoting and will move on to the next big thing. Meanwhile, all those who joined late will be left behind.

It is inevitable, and those at the top, or those who have been around awhile know this to be true.

The math is impossible, and numbers don't lie. In fact, any matrix structure which claims to pay out more than it takes in is nothing more than a ponzi or a money game.

In fact, back a few years ago, there were many, similar programs online, and they are all gone now. One of those ran successfully for a couple of years before it finally died, leaving many people financially devastated. I won't mention any names here, but suffice to say that this other program did more damage, in more ways, than I care to even think about.

And I do try NOT to think about it whenever I get the chance!

So, any time I see a new program such as this, I don't even think about joining, and you shouldn't either, unless you play it like a game. Put in whatever you can afford to lose and take your profits back upon your first cycle. Then play with any additional winnings.

And, even MORE important, if you decide to promote it, make sure you tell your signups to play it the same way.


Anonymous said...

No Matrices work - NONE :) What does work is when others cycle and you make 100% matching bonus, thats why I like Kash Kwik, I have 25 people in, and as they cycle I make 25 dollars and so do they. PLUS , each month we stay active, we add a position to the original position. :)

Anonymous said...

The problem will come in exactly like she said though, When it starts to stall and people don't cycle fast enough to profit, The front makes it look like you would daily.

I joined then canceled the monthly fee after NOT cycling, Plus promoting for days and hours on end and NO down line came.

You have got to get in really early to profit.

Instant paying sites are the best I think, Trying to build down lines and waiting for pay stinks, Its not easy to promote anything there is so much competition, New things come out almost daily.

One sign up and you get paid with instant paying sites.

KashKwick 90 day money back Guarantee? All that means is you might get back $25 after 3 months of $17 payments, It says $15 on the front but it's $17 you actually pay.

Mark my words eventually they will need to make good on that 90 promise as they are closing the doors.

Anonymous said...

Now they came out with this Schnaap that I totally dont trust either, All of the sudden it's all over know why? Because the BIG GUNS with HUGE get in FREE and do massive capaigns knowing a lot of suckers will fall prey to it.. Look the MORE Gurus are into something the LESS likely you will make any money!

People have this so backwards, I am making money in some matrices.. The ones the GURUS are NOT promoting and the ones MOST people can afford.

These guys want more and more money with every launch they do and I think they are getting FRUSTRATED now because they are getting mostly FREE riders instead of paid members.

Not only that many of us have seen their other stuff NOT pay people repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

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Barb said...

I hear you, Cynthia. And here's something else that gets under my skin:

1. Prelaunches. They make me car sick. Complete waste of time.
2. Those little dialog boxes that pop up when you're trying to exit a site, holding you hostage until you click on all 8 boxes that popped.
3. Subject lines from ignorant marketers that say "You've Made a Sale."
4. Marketing lines that go like this: F*ree Mo*ney. REALLY makes my rear end grow teeth. It's so unprofessional, ugly and I never click on ads such as those.

I could go on for hours, but you'd end up with a thousand new blog pages full of my gripes. I am just glad to see I'm not the only one who has a righteous complaint about the garbage floating around on the Internet.

You have a great blog here. Will be back so I can fuss some more. We can fuss together. LOL!


Barb said...

BTW - I see you get some of the same spam monsters that visit my blog too. Making comments that have nothing to do with the original post. My blog uses Akismet and nothing gets through without my approving it first. There were 128 spam comments on my blog today. I deleted almost half of them and kept the ones that had something intelligent to say and were actually legit posts.


Mary Ann said...

Cynthia, I remember you on all the traffic exchanges years ago! So glad I came across your blog.

I AGREE about matrixes, have always stayed away from them. But this is NEW and they've fixed the cycling/ spill over problem! Now you get paid BEFORE you even cycle. Have you seen this? Please check it out and review if possible http://onfirematrix.com?id=mlayton

I'm not a heavy hitter but I DO work and bring in paid members for my downline... I will always promise them that!